The ehnOrchestra is a collection of the music, musicians and composers that have collaborated with playwright Erik Ehn. This site collects evidence and ephemera and catalyzes new work for, and new conversations about, music in experimental theater.

Stay a While and

  • Listen to the music of Erik Ehn plays, an eclectic radio mix that transverses a vast, poetic territory of language and life.
  • Learn about the participating musicians through the Featured Composer series.
  • Investigate the archive of compositions, performance ephemera and composer notes

Then Participate

The Michiyuki – Traveling Songs Project is commissioning 32 composers to write 32 traveling songs for 32 new plays by Ehn in 2011. Listen to the songs, download, remix and upload to this site.

An All Call for Composers and Musicians is in effect as we build this site. Artists who have composed and performed music for Ehn plays can contact us for inclusion in this site.