what a stranger may know

Songs from the Michiyuki :: Traveling Songs Project are starting to be folded back into Erik Ehn’s  32 plays. The entire project is called “What A Stranger May Know,” written by Erik Ehn and being directed by Dor Cosby Atkinson for a west coast premiere in Fall 2011. The plays provide an outsider’s meditation on the lives of the victims of the Virgina Tech shooting, one play for every victim. It’s a monumental work: 32 plays performed simultaneously with the audience moving among the actors to, essentially, create their own memorial, not just of the VT shooting, but of the thousands of stories of loss we encounter as strangers.

We’re discovering how the music intersects across all the plays, and moves in relation to Dan Plonsey’s 32 part-composition for the moment when all plays come together in unison.

Thanks and credit to RichardBH for the source image for this post.